The FactsEdit

  1. Bush is a Catholic.
  2. Looney, Simba, and the others lions areCatholic, but Sarabi is a protestant.
  3. Otty is a former Atheist, who had his ways changed by Oskay.
  4. Kitty stays an Atheist his whole life.
  5. Bush and Looney are tied with the attention span. (.12)
  6. Howard holds the world record for highest attention span in the world (99.9), and IQ (754)
  7. Jerry Whale has the worst attention span (.01)
  8. Peenut is allergic to zinc.
  9. Bush is allergic to a total of 10 things: dust, bees, peanut butter, soap, paint, gelatin, hair gel, bats, horses, gas.
  10. The person in the show with the most allergies is Flickers, who has 37 current allergies and one former allergy (water).
  11. Ted has had the shortest date with only 21 1/2 seconds.
  12. Angel has the most dating times with 10,384 different relationships.
  13. Frankey used to have a crush on all three of the Longtail triplets.
  14. Jr. is the only one that had a crush on her back.
  15. Boomerang Bill is a cancer survivor.
  16. Looney broke every bone in his body falling down an elevator shaft.
  17. Bush has broken a total of seventeen bones in his body, but never an arm.
  18. Jr., Frankey, Little Kitten, Rhiny, Rhi-Rhi, Little M, and Little Lion Gruff have broken their collarbones.
  19. Dukey lived in the same house his whole life from 1984-2072.
  20. Zak and Nala met two years before they knew eachother in a girls' bathroom.
  21. Bush and NelNel won first place in a polo competion on eight seperate occasions.
  22. Despite being a huge fan of watching it, Goldverrusa never liked playing polo.
  23. Dee has died from a gunshot wound but was revived three minutes later.
  24. Skipper has never drank soda.
  25. Looney has never had his picture taken.
  26. Pawprint and Rabbit each have 35 tattoos.
  27. By playing an X-Box, Skipper dislocated his shoulder.
  28. Looney has always had a crush on Love Cat, but never went out with after the first date because of Love Cat's strange love of brownies.
  29. Looney is allergic to anything purple.
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