Featuring: Bush, Amber, Boomerang Bill

Also Appearing: Looney, Rosie, Conrad, Jr., Tom, Frankey, Parfait, Bush Jr., Bananas, Alphonso, Pie, Apples, Coconuts, Cucumbers, Mort, Dort, Peenut, Otty, Little Kitty, Kim, Jason, Goldverrusa

Comparisons To The NovelEdit

Note that Peenut and Otty, according to fan depiction, play two roles. Also note that Amber plays a much larger role in the episode than her novel comparison played.

  • Bush as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Amber as Scrooge's Long Lost Love
  • Boomerang Bill as Jacob Marley
  • Looney as Bob Cratchit
  • Conrad as Tiny Tim Cratchit
  • Parfait as Fred
  • Little Kitty as The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Otty as The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Peenut as The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come/Future
  • Otty and Peenut as The Thin and Portly Men
  • Rosie as Mrs. Cratchit
  • Frankey, Jr., and Tom as The Other Cratchits
  • Jason as Scrooge's Long Lost Love's Husband
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