Starter CharactersEdit

Bush and Looney

Car Name: Eight-Wheeler

Car Type: Light

Bush Type: Light

Looney Type: Medium

Goldverrusa and Rosie

Car Name: Net-Car of Craziness

Car Type: Light

Goldverrusa Type: Light

Rosie Type: Light

Otty and Little Kitty

Car Name: Heavy Metal Derby

Car Type: Heavy

Otty Type: Heavy

Little Kitty Type: Light

Peenut and Keyareva

Car Name: The Obesity Counts (?)

Car Type: Heavy

Peenut Type: Heavy

Keyareva Type: Heavy

Ted and Kitty

Car Name: The Tuff Guys

Car Type: Medium

Ted Type: Heavy

Kitty Type: Light

Skipper and Zak

Car Name: The Icelandic Nerf Herders

Car Type: Heavy

Skipper Type: Medium

Zak Type: Heavy

Frankey, Alley and Nala

Car Name: Da Evil Gangsta Girls

Car Type: Medium

Frankey Type: Medium

Alley Type: Medium

Nala Type: Light

Dee and Pawprint

Car Name: Best Bud Kart

Car Type: Medium

Dee Type: Heavy

Pawprint Type: Light

Jr. and Tom

Car Name: The Tropical Turds

Car Type: Light

Jr. Type: Light

Tom Type: Light

Loon and Dumb-Dumb

Car Name: The Plain Plaid Plessness

Car Type: Light

Loon Type: Light

Dumb-Dumb Type: Light

Unlockable CharactersEdit

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