Frankey: This is the General to base. Wedge, I want full answers

Wedge: Well, they came and they saw and they went, goodbye!

They zoomed and they zipped and they flew like a fly!

Frankey: Good, than everything's goin' to plan!

(Wedge: Huh?)

Frankey: Just wait, and you'll understand!

Bush: I'm a f*ckin' bushbaby wit no buisness to be here!

Front-flippin', runt rashin', canievin' buccaneer!

Yeah dat's right; yo didn't mishear!

I'm takin' trees down with my other Muskateer!

Looney: We heard that devil's plan and we're ready to implode!

Her dumb@$$ sh*t was too easy to decode!

Wit' my booster, I'm takin' off da load!

Goin' too f*ckin' fast, so we can't get slowed!

Nala: Wow, you guys are as brainless as she said!

Is the cash and da fame startin' goin' to yo head?

Bush and Looney: If ya don't tell us now, you will be beheaded.

Don't give us any sh*t about our plans being dreaded.

Evil Brother: Real villians don't rap;

They get the job done!

Bush and Looney: Black tux, tight shoes

Can you have any fun?

Otty: This passion I have for you

Is bigger than Spain

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