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Did You Know?- Names Edition[]

  • Bush is the only male of the six titular characters who is always called by his real name, as Looney's real name is Koda, Otty's real name is Otis, and Peenut's real name is Judicael.
  • More than fifty pecent of the characters in Bush and Looney aren't called by their real names.
  • Twelve of Looney's brothers and sisters have nicknames that aren't their real names. Evil Brother's real name is Tate, Mr. Strong's real name is River, Midget is Malcolm, Fatso is Jacoby, Psycho Sister is Lacey, Loon is Kovu, Dumb Dumb is Koku, Lost Brother is Orion, Lollipop is Virginia, Maraca is Macaulay, Diner is Dayton, and Dorkhead is Layton. Ed is not counted on this list, as his real name, Edward, is a common full name for Ed.