Jackie challenges Looney to a basketball game while Bush gets high from a scented candle.

Featuring: Looney, Jackie, Bush, Peenut, Otty, Amber

Also Appearing: Rosie, Sparkle, Hardcore, Keyareva, Little Kitty, Frankey, The Guy Who Poops Everyday, Skipper, Ted, Zak, Kitty, Frankey, Jr., Tom, Loon, DumbDumb, Little Kitten, Pawprint, Dee, Ai-Ai, Rabbit, Rhiny, Richard, Runt, Wedge, Little Wallaby, Old Man With A Cane, Dr. Cecil Sann, Wolfgang, Bartholomew, Gibby, FanKyleChum,Nala, Alley, Madison,Little M,Drake, Damien, Frezno, Finn, Antonio, John, Kevin, Eelface, Little Toots, Ringy, Cousin, Mort, Dort, Simba, Sarabi, Flickers, Little Yellow Guy, Alien, Retarded Duck, Snowy, Puffer, Love Cat, Starfish, Stupid, Moron, Dumb, Idiot, Wasabi, Ikura, Kani, Tako, Maguro, Lambchop, Kevin Sr., Bobby, Lynxie, Wolfy, Vixen, Tigerundai, Mississippi, Puppychow, Bed Bear, Mousey, Mousepod, Armadillo, Maraca, Evil Brother, Simon, Kim, Mufasa, Boomerang Bill, Gloria, Humpy, Hummy, Nack, ChoCho, Ricky, Little Lion Gruff, Messed Up Lion From Across The Street, Squirrelly, Tellen, Pawprette, Mr. Beaver, Goldverrusa, Crystal, Elizabeth, Brianna, Weird Alien Girl, Diner, Dorkhead, Mac, Mrs. Siamese, The Building, Teacher Taelor, Mr. Plates

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