This article is about the current positions in African government. For a history of this, see History Of African Government Positions.

Royal, Noble, and ChivalricEdit

  • King- Peenut Ross King
  • Queen- Skittle Kitty Beulah Furball
  • Pope- Mufasa Rafiki Lion
  • Grand Duke- Liana Crutch Davidson
  • Grand Prince- Reggin Zazu Treats
  • Archduke- Simba Realmen Lion
  • Infante- Scar Aslan Lion
  • Duke- Luke Mufasa Lion
  • Prince- Currently none
  • Princess- Currently none
  • Marquis-
  • Margrave-
  • Count/Earl- Lost Brother, Orion Arthur Lion
  • Viscount-
  • Baron-
  • Freiherr-
  • Baronet-
  • Hereditary Knight-
  • Ritter-
  • Knight- Richard Starkey Hudson
  • Dame- Keyareva Jane King
  • Squire- Desmond Jamenson Kennedy
  • Prophet- Jelena Lina Linwood

High CouncilEdit

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