Dee Cassius Macko (b. January 12, 1984) is a mountain lion who cannot talk.

Early Years Edit

Name Edit

  • From 1950 to 1992, Dee was called D.

Debut Edit

Dee's first appearance was in 1950 in Bush and Looney Tunes "Playground Stat" in which him and Pawprint discover a playground that kept getting them hurt, so they decide to build there own. Ever since this episode, Dee or D as they called him back then was unable to say words in proper speech. He soon became a popular Bush and Looney character after another appearance in 1951 where him and Pawprint meet Rabbit, the tatoo loving rabbit that is still common today. Dee is considered one of the most well known Bush and Looney characters. He had 56 cartoons from 1950- the end of Bush and Looney tunes which was 1981. Right now Dee is still very famous and someone is dressed up as him at "One Miracle".

Best Known Appearances Edit

Crying for Dee Edit

"Crying for Dee" is an episode that first aired in 2009. Bush, Looney, Pawprint and other Bush and Looney Characters get sad because they think Dee died when he went in outerspace to Mars

The truth is Dee never went to Mars but Looney did.

Kittys of Craziness Edit

I "Kittys of Craziness", a Kitty Consert movie, Dee buys a fat hot dog at the Hot Dog Convention. But when he goes home he has another hot dog, a fat one. Dee puts the one he bought, a skinnny one into a cage with him, they get in lots of fights. The fat one pushes the skinny one out of Dee's backpack making him fall and get stolen by Dag, and frozen which soon happens to the fat hot dog and the other KC members.

Lifestyle Edit

Residance Edit

Dee's house is big and brown. It has a chimney and Dee is very wealthy. He has 17.3 acres and is a hunters. He has two sheds ad tool shed and a hunter shed. He has five turkeys, two chickens and 3 salamanders. He has pond in his backyard and lives across the road from a river. His two nieghbors have small houses and a short distance of land. Dee has a red hot Ferari that he won in a lucky darting contest. He has a big fancy room and his pet hot dogs Skinny and Fat have thier own room, the turleys have thier own barn, the chickens have thier own hen house and ths salamanders have thier own stream that has decorative rocks at the bottom that are both shiny and valuble. They are pink, purple, blue and emerald. Fancy!

Diet Edit

Dee has diet of:

  • Meat. A guy has to have his meat.
  • Poultry. He loves it.
  • Dairy. Milk and Cheese and Ice Cream
  • Vegtables. But not much
  • Fruit
  • Fat. Lots and lots of fat!

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