Eggtron is a planet who's always in war with eachother, the north side and the south side. Egg, Cracked Head, Goofy, Screamer, Grumpy, Sad, Happy, Sally, Abby, Bashful, King Gold, Prince Silver, Princess Bronze, General Sepia and Queen Maroon live in the north. Scarred, Eggy and many other war-loving eggs are in the south.


This planet was discovered by King Gold on March 29, 1967, when he was eleven. The eggs on Bush and Looney's planet, Earth. Gold helped free them all and they lived peacefully until September 1st, 1967, when some people decided to enslave Earthlings. Another half wanted to make allies with them, thus creating the battle between north and south, starting in the Eggslaved War. Gold insisted on going, but unfortuanatly was too young. The war started in The Firehome Battle, when the south burned down 1/4 of Northern Land. The North was, however able to perish 1/4 of 1/4 of the land. 3 people died in the south, and 63 died in the north.

The second battle was better for the north. It is the "Just Plain Battle" and didn't effect the north whasoever, killing 71 southerners.

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