Featuring: Looney, Runt, Bush, Howard Elliot, Kitty, Tyrone, Angel Moore, Mr. Plates

Also Appearing: Peenut, Otty, Keyareva, Richard, Walter Wobberson, Ai-AiLittle Kitty, Pawprint, Zak, Dee, Jason, Frezno, The Guy Who Poops Everyday, Hardcore, The Old Man With A Cane, Wolfy, Vixen, Mr. Kevin, Little Lion Gruff, John, Amber, Finn, Tye-Dye, Dr. Cecil Sann, Ted, Goldverrusa, Rosie, Frankey, Skittle Kitty, Squirrelly, Little Kitten, Skipper, Little Wallaby, Armadillo, Dagwood. John, Paul, Ringo, George, Ninja #1, Ninja #2, Ninja #3, Ninja #4, Bradley, Rad, Stuart, Desmond, Julius, Ernest, Gerard, Dexter, Grady, Cornelius, Percy, Emilio, Demetrius, Pierre, Sterling, Sherman, Elwood, Wilford, Sheldon, Augustine, Fletcher, Seymour, Leopold, Vito, Fidel, Lyman, Claudio, Chauncy, Theo, Maximo


The Kitty Concert feels their presence on the charts dropping after the formations of recent bands such as Bed Slept-In and Bush and His Majestic Wonders, and Howard Elliot's rapping career. Looney makes the Kitty Concert's presence on the charts drop even lower when he reforms Girlz 12, with Tyrone replacing Kitty.

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