The fourth Grand Theft Otty, this time Looney plays a major role.

Featuring: Otty, Looney, Little Kitty


  • Otty as Sir Otto McOtt, the Robin Hood of the town.
  • Looney as Bruno "Brooney" Briant, a gay opera singer.
  • Peenut as Pendleton Prez, the president of the country.
  • Bush as Ricky Bush, a close friend of Otto's.
  • Little Kitty as Kitty Littel, Otto's close friend and crush.
  • Alley as Alise Spot, the town miser and bad guy.
  • Oskay as Olivia McOtt, Otto's sister.
  • Keyareva as Kiara Prez, Pendleton's sister and town governor.
  • Rosie as Royce Briant, Brooney's husband.
  • Frankey as Frank Wolfe, Lieutenent governor.


  • Note that the Grand Theft Otty episodes are a figment of someone's imagination, although it is unknown who. They can be considered parodies.
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