Green Submarine is a Bush and Looney record album released to celebrate 101 years of Bush and Looney. It features classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, indie rock,  rockabilly, dance-rock, alternative rock, and rap.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Real Slim Shady by Eminem...sung by Bush, Looney, Peenut, Otty...4:43
  2. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley...sung by Bush, Looney, Peenut, Otty, Little Kitty, Keyareva.....sung by.....2:23
  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper.....sung by....3:08
  4. Footloose by Kenny Loggins....sung by....3:48
  5. Martyr No More by Fozzy...sung by...4:41
  6. Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows....sung by Frankey, Jr., Bush, Amber, Tom, Mort, Dort
  7. Fat Lip by Sum 41.....sung by.....3:24
  8. Cult of Personality by Living Colour....sung by Peenut, Otty, Bush, Looney...4:54
  9. Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated....sung by Bush, Amber, Looney, Rosie, Little Kitty, Otty, Peenut, Skittle Kitty, Keyareva, Richard, Frankey, Jr., Tom, Loon, Dumb-Dumb, Nala, Alley....4:03
  10. Come Together by The Beatles...sung by.....4:16
  11. Topless by Breaking Benjamin....sung by Bush, Frankey, Amber, Kitty, Looney, Pawprint, Little Kitty, Zak, Ai-Ai, Dee...3:03
  12. Scars by Papa Roach....sung by.....3:29
  13. We Will Rock You by Queen....sung by Bush, Looney, Otty, Peenut...2:03
  14. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister.....sung by.....3:38
  15. Some Nights by fun.......sung by....4:24
  16. I'm A Believer by Smash Mouth....sung by Bush, Looney, Otty, Peenut, Keyareva, Little Kitty...3:00


TV CensorshipEdit

Real Slim ShadyEdit

  • In "expect 'em not to know what a woman's clitoris is", "clitoris" is changed to "you-know-what".
  • "Fuck him and fuck you, too" is changed to "Screw him and screw you, too".
  • "Shit" is changed to "man".
  • "Gave head to" is changed to "did it to".
  • Both instances of "Don't give a fuck" are changed to "don't give a fudge".
  • "Jackin' off" is changed to "Jackin' it".
  • "Fuck it" is changed to "Screw it".

Fat LipEdit

  • "Shit" is changed to "crap".

Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly ExaggeratedEdit

  • "Where the fuck will you hide?" is changed to "Where the hell will you hide?"


  • All instances of "fuck" are simply not said and are replaced with simple silence.

Some NightsEdit

  • "Who the fuck" is changed to "Who the hell".
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