With Looney (72, 1927-1961)Edit

With Frankey (79, 1933-1968)Edit

With Guy (35, 1934-1952)Edit

With Snowy (27, 1937-1957)Edit

With Keyareva (40, 1933-1960)Edit

With Skipper (10, 1938-1950)Edit

With his brothers, Jr. and Tom (24, 1936-1951)Edit

With Eelface (6, 1954-1967)Edit

With Geoff (20, 1940-1962)Edit

With Graham (13, 1949-1965)Edit

With Mort and Dort (19, 1939-1954)Edit

With Puffer (28, 1937-1956)Edit

With Little Kitten (16, 1942-1954)Edit

With Big Fat Chubby Chunky Monkey (14, 1946-1958)Edit

With BedBear (10, 1947-1962)Edit

With Mecca (16, 1946-1965)Edit

With Howard Elliot (4, 1959-1965)Edit

With The Wacky Zingoz (12, 1953-1967)Edit

With The Kitty Concert (21, 1934-1965)Edit

With Billy the Ball (3, 1947-1960)Edit

With Egg and Eggtron (7, 1950-1960)Edit

With Husky (5, 1952-1962)Edit

With Brianna (16, 1945-1968)Edit

With Flickers (6, 1943-1949)Edit

With his cats (7, 1945-1959)Edit

With Puppychow (3, 1945-1951)Edit

With Tyrone (2, 1950-1954)Edit

With Jerry Whale (16, 1936-1962)Edit


  • Bush has had 515 shorts.
  • He won most of his battles, but a few with Looney, Billy, Mecca, and Graham
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