Koda Looney Petchylak Lion,more well known as Looney, is a fictional lion character from Bush and Looney. He was first created in 1911, and made his first television appearance in 1928.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Fan RepresentationEdit

Best Friend: Bush

Arch-nemesis: Nala/Little Yellow Guy/Evil Brother

Other Favorite Relationship: Peenut/Rosie

Theme Song: "I'm Awesome" by Spose

Family MembersEdit

Wife: Rosie

Sons: IQ, Bowlers, Conrad

Daugthers: Swal, Emma, Emily

Mother: Sarabi

Father: Simba

Brothers: Randy, Luke, Evil Brother, Simon, Mr. Strong, Midget, Fatso, Loon, Dumb-Dumb, Lost Brother, Ed, Alvin, Romeo, Maraca, Diner, Dorkhead, Simba Jr.

Sisters: Bonnie, Cissy, Psycho Sister, Nala, Courtney, Lollipop, Juliet, Lily, Sarabi Jr.

Grandmothers: Sarafini, Regina

Grandfathers: Mufasa, Scar

Uncles: Ross, Reggin, Deforest, Aslan, Duke

Aunts: Mary, Raine, Joy, Ariel, Penny

Cousins: Peenut, Keyareva, Spike, Summer, Alley, Sparkle, Millie, Leopardo, Abbott, Costello

Half-Cousin: Chickenchaser

Nephews: Timothy, Indiana, Greyson, Luke Jr., Jefferson, Travis, Kyler, Edgar, Tyson, Elliot. Leland, Walker, Rowan, Red, Marshall

Neices: Ivy, Addison, Piper, Dolly, Delaney, Lexi, Heaven, Paris, Pamela, Miley, Kendra, Cameryn, Kelly

Great-Grandmother: Queen

Great-Grandfather: Rajesh

Great-Step-Grandfather: Neo

Sister-In-Laws: Mary-Jane, Leita, Evil Sister, Jennette, Mrs. Strong, Wilma, Beulah, Lola, Britanny, Elizabeth Lion, Fred Lion, Gaye

Brother-In-Laws: Jonathan Rye, Jax Psycho Killer, Ryan, Uok, Utah

Relationships With The Other CharactersEdit



Looney and Keyareva have a somewhat awkward relationship. These two are cousins, enemies, and friends. They are typical boy and girl family members. Looney pulls pranks on Keyareva and calls her fat. Keyareva calls Looney "Koda". Keyareva made fun of Looney when he was dating Weird Alien Girl, as she was four years older than Looney. She did this because she was in Keyareva's grade, and she hated her. Keyareva helped Looney after he decided to break up with her. Looney gets mad at Keyareva for not liking Happy, who Looney has a huge crush on. The reason for this is Keyareva is a Nonyolkian, and they are not friends with eggs (though born one, Peenut later changed his religion for he knew he could be great friends with the eggs). Keyareva also hates one of Looney's other former girlfriends, Love Cat, for being the cause of Loveland.However, Looney also now hates Love Cat because she is now dating Egg. Keyareva also hates girlfriends that Looney formerly dated and now hates, such as Madison, Sarah, and Xena. She also thinks that Crystal is dumb, and that Rosie is psychodic, thus making the only one of Looney's girlfriends that Keyareva likes Little Kittten.


  • Looney's  IQ is 23. It is three numbers lower than Bush's.
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