Otis Oliver Otto
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Relationship Little Kitty (married)
Family Okadi (mother) Oswald (father) Oskay (sister) Miles (son) Kylee (daugther) Oscar (grandfather) Peenut (brother-in-law) Keyareva (sister-in-law) Hot Head Kitty (brother-in-law) Jock Kitty (brother-in-law) Shhtty Kitty (sister-in-law) Skittle Kitty (sister-in-law) Burger Kitty (brother-in-law) Tiny Kitty Mr. Furball (father-in-law)
Friends Peenut Bush Alley (sometimes) Ted Keyareva Guy Skittle Kitty Looney Skipper Dee Jr. Zak Al Howard Elliot Pawprint Tom Amber Rosie Kitty Many others
Enemies Alley (formerly) Frankey(formerly) Evil Brother Simon Pawprint (formerly) Kitty (sometimes) Wedge
Nicknames Otty

Otis Oliver "Otty" Otto (December 31, 1983-February 2, 2070, age 85) is an African clawless otter, one of the most main characters in "Bush and Looney". He is known to be sarcastic, yet sensical, courageous, and considerate. He is shown at times to often be fed up by some of the less smart people around him, but is proven not to be as smart as he may or may not think. Sometimes, Otty was known to be rather rebellious, and he was a good fighter to help this. Otty was born to Okadi and Oswald Otto, along with his sister, Oskay. He was married to Little Kitty Otto-Furball and had two children, named Miles and Kylee Otto. He was ranked #3 on the Top 500 Bush and Looney Characters list.

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Family TreeEdit

Spouse: Little Kitty

Mother: Okadi

Father: Oswald (deceased)

Step-Father: Julio

Sister: Oskay

Step-Brother: Tanner

Step-Sister: Skylar

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