Judicael Ross "Peenut" King (April 14, 1978-May 28, 2068) was the king of Kenya from 1995 to 2068. He is the son of the hated Ross King, and killed him when he was a kid. He is the brother of Keyareva King-Ian and the son of Mary King. He was a General of the Army from 2017-2018 and from 2035-2036. He later died from old age

Behind The ScenesEdit

Family TreeEdit

Wife: Skittle Kitty

Ex-Wife: Little Kitten

Son: Ross II

Daugther: Blaineley

Mother: Mary

Father: Ross

Step-Father: Chadwick

Sister: Keyareva

Grandmothers: Sarafini, Regina

Grandfathers: Mufasa, Scar

Uncles: Simba, Duke, Aslan, Reggin, Deforest

Aunts: Sarabi, Penny, Ariel, Raine, Joy

Cousins: Randy, Bonnie, Luke, Cissy, Evil Brother, Simon, Mr. Strong, Midget, Fatso, Psycho Sister, Loon, Nala, Looney, Dumb-Dumb, Lost Brother, Ed, Courtney, Alvin, Lollipop, Romeo, Juliet, Maraca, Diner, Dorkhead, Lily, Sarabi Jr., Simba Jr., Summer, Spike, Alley, Sparkle, Millie, Leopardo, Abbott, Costello

Nephews: Sawyer, Chance, Miles, Kylee

Great-Grandmother: Queen

Great-Grandfather: Rajesh

Great-Step-Grandfather: Neo

Sister-In-Laws: Little Kitty

Brother-In-Laws: Richard, Otty

First Cousins Once Removed: Timothy, Indiana, Greyson, Luke Jr., Jefferson, Travis, Kyler, Edgar, Tyson, Elliot. Leland, Walker, Rowan, Red, Marshall, Ivy, Addison, Piper, Dolly, Delaney, Lexi, Heaven, Paris, Pamela, Miley, Kendra, Cameryn, Kelly

Godmother: Jelena

Relationships with the other CharactersEdit


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Skittle KittyEdit

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Little KittyEdit

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Little KittenEdit

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Loon and Dumb-DumbEdit

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Lion FamilyEdit

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Longtail FamilyEdit

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  • Peenut's favorite music genre is Heavy Metal, but he also likes metal-rap and hard rock.
  • His favorite band is Pantera.
    • He also likes AC/DC, Down, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, KISS, Metallica, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Drowning Pool, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Rob Zombie, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Seether, Papa Roach, Judas Preist, Deep Purple, and Rush.


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