Snowy Snoo Ball (January 3, 1998- April 6, 2084) is a fictional Bush and Looney character, one of the Snowball species.

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Lion King Guys Edit

In Lion King Guys, Snowy is a small, white, fragile snowball.

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Summer Edit

In summer Snowy is called "Steamy". He is just a really hot ball of air who cannot speak like his winter form, and has brightly colored blue eyes. Steamy has once burnt Looney's hand and Otty's finger and Bushes hands, fingers, toes and feet have been burnt by Steamy millions of times. This is what Bush said but there is no possible theory that he got his toes and feet burnt without there being a bad or illegal way. Steamy's height is nothing but strangly weighs 1.2344 ounces. How is this theory true!? Nobody knows for sure.

Spring Edit

In spring Snowy is called "Flowery", a very wierd name that Bush cam up with. Otty suggested "Florals" but Bush had a theory that made his idea sound bad: "All of Snowy's other names end with "y". "Floral" did not end with "y". Flowery looks like a flower with out a stem, a bright pink one with yellow in the middle. To get around, Flowery just rolls or is picked up by Bush. He is 5.3 inches tall and weighs 4.5 ounces.

Fall Edit

In fall, Snowy is called "Leafy". He is brownish-orange. He is crispy, and fragile. He has small, brown eyes, unlike the regular Snowy, who has blue eyes. Also, Snowy's eyes are big, when Leafy's are small. Leafy usually is a normal leaf, but occasionally has holes. He is 5.1 inches and weighs 1.1 ounces.




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