Characters and their "Super" stats! Edit


  • Bush is the Compu Lantern
  • His power is nanotechnology
  • His weakness is French people
  • His weapon is lunar bomb
  • His transportation is chariot


  • Looney is the Silent Slayer
  • His power is rapping
  • His weakness is salt
  • His weapon is rusty blowgun
  • His transportation is hanglider


  • Goldverrusa is the Winged Lioness
  • Her power is Genetic engineering
  • Her weakness is spiders
  • Her weapon is Solar Axe
  • Her transportation is jetpack


  • Rosie is the Magnetic Wombat
  • Her power is witchcraft
  • Her weakness is puppets/puppeteers/puppetmasters
  • Her weapon is a web analyzer
  • Her transportation is motor home


  • Otty is the Shadow Albino
  • His power is cybernetics
  • His weakness is bald people
  • His weapon is water shield
  • His transportation is a horse


  • Peenut is the Night Midget
  • His power is psychic
  • His weakness is crystals
  • His weapon is a light saw
  • His transportation is an elephant

Little Kitty

  • Little Kitty is the Rocket Champion
  • Her power is the animal inside of her (she was raised by them)
  • Her weakness is ants
  • Her weapon is a laser belt
  • Her transportation is a magic rainbow


  • Keyareva is the Gaseous Zombie
  • Her power is biotechnology
  • Her weakness is flirting
  • Her weapon is a golden whip
  • Her transportation is a bike


  • Ted is the Onyx Soarer
  • His power is lightspeed
  • His weakness is bacteria
  • His weapon is a toxic rod
  • His transportation is a seahorse


  • Zak is the Shatter Warlock
  • His power is radiation
  • His weakness is cotton candy
  • His weapon is a flame knife
  • His transportation is a pogostick


  • Skipper is the Arch Manhunter
  • His power is kissing
  • His weakness is eductation
  • His weapon is a caustic throwing star
  • His transportation is a surfboard


  • Kitty is the Future Flare
  • His power is Ancient lore
  • His weakness is rain
  • His weapon is a robotic slingshot
  • His transportation is a phone booth
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