The Accident And The Car Crash

Bush and Herschell Wilkens get into a car accident, Amber makes Bush happier than Goldverrusa, and Otty and Little Kitty may come to grips.

Featuring: Bush, Amber, Goldverrusa, Otty, Little Kitty, Herschell

Also Appearing: Jr., Tom, Kim, Frankey, Mort, Dort, Looney, Peenut, Keyareva, Boomerang Bill, Cousin, Ringy, Little Toots, Junior, Loon, DumbDumb, Nala, Pawprint, Kitty, Dee, Zak, Ai-Ai, Ted, Skipper, Sarabi, Simba, Rhiny, Little Kitten, Rabbit,


  • (Herschell Wilkens scratches up Bush's side door.)
  • Bush: What the stink, you cigarette! Come at me, I'll beat your rockin' hot-dog-buns, you dog-girl-equal!
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