Wedge Rocco Antilles (April 30, 1982-March 23, 2060) is a male ring-tailed lemur. Born to science-fiction movie fanatic parents, he was named after the character in Star Wars, with the exception of his middle name. He is known as being the first person to side with the zombies in the Zombie-Ridden War. He had never actually turned zombie during his time alongside the zombies. He was killed after revenge-seeking zombies returned and killed him, who was seventy-eight, that started the Second Zombie-Ridden War in 2060, forty-five years after the original war. He was ranked #257 on the Top 500 Bush and Looney Characters list.


Birth, Early Years (1982-1992)Edit

Life Torn Apart; Tanzania-Kenya War (1992-1995)Edit

Peenut Becomes King Of Africa: A Change In Rulership (1995)Edit

Teenage Years (1995-2001)Edit

Frankey Foxx; Turn To The Dark Side (2003-2013)Edit

Divorce (2012-2013)Edit

Zombie-Ridden War (2014-2015)Edit

Laying Low; On The Run (2015-2027)Edit

Return To Society, Imprisonment, Change For The Better (2028-2056)Edit

Retirement, Later Years (2056-2060)Edit

Death During First Second Zombie-Ridden War Battle (2060)Edit


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